t6 Architecture

General t6 Architecture

Objects sensors and actuators

Physical World is composed on your sensors and actuators. Physical Objects require a virtual Object in t6.

Objects in t6 are the virtual nodes of your physical devices. They are sending values from their embedded sensors to the Flows. Common cardinality is 1:1; but you can setup multiple Flows for the same Object (a DHT11 sensor handle 'temperature' and 'humidity' for instance). Additionally, you can set a Flow to be feed from multiple Objects.

Flows to classify data.

Communication becomes easy in the platform with Timestamped values. Flows allows to retrieve and classify data.

Objects are sending their Data to Flow-containers using the API.

Dashboards & Snippets to graph, draw, and monitor.

Dashboard is a instance of one or multiple Snippets.

More details about customization

Rules to Alert and Notify.

Coffee ...to drink. :-)

Yes, t6 is made of coffee..