How does t6 works?

Objects Connected.

Embedded, Automatization, Domotic, Sensors, any Objects can be connected and communicate to t6 via API.

Data Flows as Time-series.

Communication becomes easy in the platform with Timestamped values. Flows allows to retrieve and classify data.

Tokens for security.

Bearer Tokens allows to manage Objects & Flows API. Permissions based on access Tokens.

Snippets to graph data.

t6 onboard multiple Snippets dedicated to graph your data.


Graphics, data-management, Monitoring, Reporting.

Decision Rules to get smart

Trigger action from Mqtt and decision-tree. Let's your Objects talk to the platform as events.

t6 provide Internet of Things tools:

Sense events.

Whether it's your own sensors or external Flows from Internet, sensors collect values and communicate them to t6.

Store values.

Data Storage as time-series. SQLite Database for storage and planning to support additional DB in future releases.

Monitor information.

Real-time dashboards provides control on data captured by the sensors. You can easily monitor and track your data.

Customize your Dashboards.

Snippets displays your data for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Alert through email, sms, twitter, Mqtt...

According to your own rules and data values, send alerts via email, SMS, Twitter... Decision-Rule allows you to control your alerts.

API for developers

Update events Flows using the Time-series API and remotely manage you data.